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Script for the Hustle and Bustle

The public space around the Viennese Meisel Market is renovated and revitalised. The construction task includes the change of flooring, traffic calming, and the partly obsoletion and re-design of the eight fountains. At the same time it results in a completely new composition of the urban outdoor life.
The script is written for everyone who has found a home here - the people.


Function: Public Space
Client: MA19, City of Vienna, Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Competition: 2015 - 1st place
Start of Construction: Autumn 2016
Completion: Autumn 2017
Collaboration: Nicole Raker, Lisa Gràcia

Auszeichnungen & Preise

Klimaschutzpreis des 15. Wiener Gemeindezirks (KliP15), 2018

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Pictures May 2018

Eindrücke 2018

Pictures October 2017