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Small Gardens for the Sunset Years

The geriatric centre Liesing in Vienna is charactereised by a generous roofed lounge area. This area offers wind-protected seating surrounded by live fence, as well as planting beds and a boccia alley. Moreover, there are three themed courtyards, and a garden for the senses (dementia garden) on the roof.



Function: Outdoor Area of a Geriatric Centre
Client: City of Vienna
Architecture: ARGE Riepl Riepl Architekten / Johannes Kaufmann
Developer: ARWAG, Krankenanstaltenverbund
Completion: Spring 2012
Collaboration: Lisa Grácia


Awards & Publications

Award: Bauherrenpreis 2013 (Picture)
Publications: SPECIAL Nr. 65 - GeriatriekonzeptCUBEDie (all in German)

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Pictures by Manfred Seidl 2016