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Passepartout for the Panzerhalle

The "passepartout" is the space around the Panzerhalle in Maxlan, Salzburg. The building features several sections within, which were brought to the outside. It is basically a frame of sandblasted concrete panels around the building complex.
At the south it includes trees, seating, light, the guidance and bicycle boxes. The north is structured into four parts - according to the four tracts. The property line is bordered with preserved and newly planted trees.


Function: Landscape Design, Outdoor Facilities
Architecture: ARGE Panzerhalle (CS-architektur, hobby a., LP architektur, Strobl Architekten)
Completion: Autumn 2014
Collaboration: Nicole Raker

Awards and Publications

Architekturpreis Land Salzburg 2016 - Recognition Award
Staatspreis Architektur 2016 - Nomination

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